Coffee Donuts Improv Networking Saturdays 10am Times Square NYC

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Coffee Donuts Improv Networking
Saturdays 10am Times Square NYC

Coffee Donuts Improv

Session includes donuts, coffee, bottled water and two hours of improv comedy games. Network with other professionals. Self enrich team and leadership skills. Build stronger self confidence.


Saturdays 10am-11:45am (hot coffee ready by 9:45)
September 8, 15, 22, 29


Broadway Comedy Club
318 West 53rd Street NYC
Just west of 8th ave, close walk to Times Square and Columbus Circle trains. Park garage across street. Metered parking weekends and evenings.

$100/month – Sign up for week one and we will prorate the rest of the sessions on location

Bring The Whole Team

We can add a private workshop anytime before 7pm for just $500

We can also provide lunch, happy hour and other catering options from $20-200pp as per your taste and budget.


In Improv Comedy, “YES!” is all about accepting your colleagues and their contributions to the team.  “YES” is Psychological Safety! As we play Improv games we are all equals, regardless of age, experience, race, creed, personality etc.  We create a safe space and level playing field for all to play. We accept our colleagues 100% as is.  EVERYTHING they say and do. We do not judge. We do not fear.

“AND…” is all about contributing valuable work and information to the team. We are not going to let our colleagues do all the work by simply saying “YES!” We are going to take this to the next level by accepting our colleagues work and building upon with our own contributions, supporting everything that comes before our new addition.”AND…” is Performance Drive, coming  from within.

When the whole team embraces “YES! And…” we enter the learning zone together. The entire team is now personally engaged in the success of the team. This brings out the best in all of us. We leave ego and insecurity behind. We trust ourselves and our team. We now are hyper focused on team  success and its goals.  The entire team accepts and overcomes challenges together. The entire team wins.

psychological safety