IMPROV WISDOM: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up by Patricia Ryan Madson – SAY YES

improv wisdom
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“IMPROV WISDOM: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up,” by Patricia Ryan Madson, is a book for everyone to read. This is all about using Improv in your everyday life – at work and home. Since reading it I have been hyper aware of my performance on stage and off. As a professional actor of 25 years, including 15+ years in Improv, this book is more affirmation, but sometimes we need this reminder. My mind returned to that place where I was inspired by a mentor. My performances have been elevated, as well as my teaching, business management and off stage work developing our programs to best serve our clients.

IMPROV WISDOM: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up

Patricia Ryan Madson

improv wisdom


  • Just Say Yes
  • Become a can-do person
  • Look for the positive spin
  • Agree with those around you
  • Cultivate YES phrases 
  • YES AND… never YES BUT 
  • Exercise the YES muscle.
  • This Builds Optimism and Hope

YES AND… Is the #1 rule in Improv. If you have not heard this before, no worries, as you join this community of CAN DO folk, it will be repeated… and repeated…. and ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz….

YES AND… is so much more than just saying those words. To truly be come a great team player and leader we must truly learn to create the YES mentality deep down in our soul.

We need to say YES out loud and reaffirm often in our conscious and subconscious inner monologues.

FIRST we simply need to say YES. Keep it simple. JUST SAY YES ALL THE TIME.

Most of us have a lot more experience saying no. It is often the easier choice, selfishly speaking. It is the lazy choice. NO is the end. NO leads NO where. NO is also a boring choice. NO gives nothing back to collaborate.

Remember the second part of the title of the book, briefly – WISDOM. When someone says jump off the cliff, we will perhaps not oblige, although we can politely SAY YES and then safely walk away – in the other direction.

OTHERWISE look for ways to say YES, even when EVERYTHING in your body, mind and soul says NO.

SAY YES to yourself as well.

Look for those silver linings.

Get off the couch and go to the gym.

Start reading that book you have been putting off. (Read IMPROV WISDOM,download Kindle or Audible etc ASAP)

Start writing that book folks have been telling you to write for 15 years (NOTE TO SELF).

Start that new blog.

Take that class.

Ask for that raise.

Remember YES BUT is actually a delayed NO. You are not fooling anyone, except maybe yourself.

In Improv work, give yourself 100% to the scene, your characters and your scene partner(s).

Using Improv at home, trying saying YES to your family. Work together to find solutions to conflicts.

At the office, try saying YES AND… to ideas. Let infant possibilities from the minds of your conflicts lead to infinite possibilities.